Brief: BMW have always been hugely involved in Touring Cars, but over the years their dominance has faded, re-establish this brand as the premier team in motor racing.

Solution: A season long, multiple-part campaign, rallying our fans to get behind the drivers & cars.


Stage 1 – End of season.

We received the first brief as one BTCC season was coming to an end & we needed to drum up one final rally to get behind our team.

Our thought was that when our drivers step onto a track, they are hounded by everyone, race crews, fans, journalists, family, friends. Only when they step in the car do they get a calm moment. For them, the storm is the calm.


Stage 2 – Champion poster

We were set to win, we needed a poster to go out to let all know, it needed to be simple and cut through.

Stage 3 – The new season.

The new season dawns, and the BMW Race car is in its final moments as its sticker livery is being applied. It is the moment the car applies its war paint, ready for a season long battle.




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