Arts Emergency

Brief: To highlight the odds of getting into a creative job are significantly lower if you are Black, Asian, from a minority ethnic background, from a working-class background, female or disabled.

Solution: Through film and a PR stunt, we set out to bring to life the barriers young people face every day. The campaign united Arts Emergency with 20+ partners from the creative Industries, earned over 24.6M impressions, received 100 pieces of news coverage, and saw the little-known charity trending on Twitter that day.


The PR Stunt
We employed a powerful metaphor, creating impactful ‘Break In Case of Emergency’ red boxes adorned with devastating statistics, alongside talented young people’s work. These were then placed outside of iconic Creative venues across the UK.

We then utilised Arts Emergency’s social following to encourage others to talk about who gave them their first breakthroughs into the creative industries.


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