Art Director.

You can take the lad out of Nottingham, but you can’t take the Nottingham out of the lad. Being a bit of a northern boy, I live for a good brew and a Hobnob (Chocolate if you’re offering). I refuse to visit a Pret or a Starbucks, because a cuppa should be a courtesy not a mortgage and sandwiches don’t have green stuff in them.

I now live in Bedfordshire and take pride in the fact that I don’t see the world like a Londoner. For both of us, separating ourselves from city life has always meant that we still view things the way that we did growing up. It works for us.

I went to uni with the intention of becoming a pilot and just getting a degree as a backup plan. While I was there I found I had a passion for advertising, but I vow one day to become the flying art director.

Around a year ago I founded a Youtube series called Scamp School. A place for tips and tricks, information and inspiration, designed to help you master the art of scamping – be it by hand or on a computer.


Like a nice suit, this website is bespoke. The proud tailors being Jann and Sean.